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Niki Yaghmaee (born in 1994, Tehran) started playing the violin from 2006 at 'Tehran Music School' before entering 'UAST of music' and graduated as Viola player in 2015.
He has the experience of playing with orchestras such as Iran national orchestra, Nilper, Aiso, New music, Pars, Inter etc.
In 2011 he won the second prize of 'Iranhmusic Festival' for playing solo.
He also designed sounds and music for 'Otto Piene Exhibition' at Tehran museum of contemporary art in 2015.
Niki has published his first official album in 2017 with 'Talangor Band'  founded by himself. In the same year, he started producing and performing electronic music, playing 'Love Supermancy' with Wolfgang Schlög at Darbast platform and an electroacoustic solo act in Rooberoo Mansion.
He also followed the Master Classes at the "Iranian Austrian Culture Forum" in Tehran mastering his both instruments combined with electronic music and conducting.
Niki and Golsana Shenasaei founded 'Duos2strings', a violin and cello duet, which has been performing from 2017 onwards all over Iran, Europe, Turkey and Georgia.


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